Green Belt Requirements

All members must be prepared to demonstrate full understanding of the techniques listed below, and possess the capability to fully execute movements under stress. Members must also be able to demonstrate a full understanding of related Krav Maga principles.

PREREQUISITES TO GREEN BELT TEST: Minimum of nine months training and 90 classes completed following attainment of Orange Belt.


Short Range Combatives
Head butt strikes - forward; back; side; upward
Long Range Combatives
Defensive back kick with a spin
Offensive back kick - in place; with spin
Heel kick
Inside slap kick
Outside slap kick
Combative Combinations
Introduction to sparring drills
Advanced focus mitt combinations
Thai pad combinations
Defense against Hand Strikes
Inside defense vs. L-R straight punches
Inside defense vs. L-R straight punches – lean back and trap
Inside defense vs. L-R straight punches – using forward hand
Overhand punch in defense vs. straight punch – either side
Outside defenses (4) - palm to self; palm to attacker; roll punch overhead; extended arm
Defense against Leg Strikes
Defense vs. high round kick – reflexive hands
Defense vs. high round kick from fight stance - 2 points of contact; 3 points of contact
Defense vs. round kick to ribs – covering
Defense against Headlocks
Defend reverse headlock, standing (guillotine)
Defense against Bearhugs and Other Grabs
Hair grab from front - in place with impending straight punch
Hair grab all angles - being pulled into attacker with impending straight punch
Hair grab all angles - being pulled downward with impending knee
Rear bearhug - arms free with no space (leverage on fingers)
Front bearhug being lifted - arms free or caught
Rear bearhug being lifted - arms free or caught
1-arm neck/Thai clinch with space (clear arm)
2-arm neck/Thai clinch with space (pummel to clinch)
2-arm neck/Thai clinch with no space (pluck + strikes)


Stances and Positions
Side control – top position; bottom position
Short Range Combatives
Side control, top position - strikes
Side control, top position - disengage (knee to belly)
Side control, top position - transition to full mount
Side control, top position - apply arm lock
Defend Choke from Side, Defender on Back
Arm bar
Defend Headlock from Side, Defender on Back
­­Basic position
Leverage on neck into side control
Option to wrap leg if attacker’s weight is far forward
Defenses in the Guard, Bottom Position
Sit-up and sweep into mount, then exit mount
Apply arm bar into kick-off
Apply arm lock into kick-off
Defenses in the Guard, Top Position
Exit the guard by stacking
Defenses in Side Control, Bottom Position
Buck and shrimp hips into guard
Reversal and roll into top position


High fall break – back; side
Forward roll into stand-up
Side roll into stand-up
Forward roll into back fall break
Side roll into side fall break
Takedown, double leg - with and without drop step
Takedown, single leg - defender on inside of leg; on outside of leg
Takedown, single leg hyper-extension
Takedown, knee tap - forward; backward
Advanced sprawl to defend takedown (advanced partner drills)

IV.WEAPON DEFENSES (introductory; not on test)

Handgun from front
Handgun to side of head
Stick - overhead attack