Krav Kids Self-Defense Program


We all watch the news and see what’s happening in the world and know there are so many dangers out there for our young children, teenagers, and young adults. Many can be avoided, and those that can’t  – can be dealt with. 

By enrolling your child in a good martial arts program, many situations can be avoided. Your child will develop good focus, self-esteem, body awareness, and confidence. These attributes foster higher success rates for children academically, socially, and athletically. 

Children who train in self-defense/martial art programs tend to develop better spatial and environmental awareness. Additionally, they develop the muscle memory to execute defensive techniques when called upon.


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Our Krav Kids program is separated into (2) age groups

LITTLE LIONs: 4-10 Years old

TEENS self defense: 11-16 Years old

Our instructors are Krav Maga Experts and a lot of them are parents too. Our Krav Kids program has been designed to benefit our students of lessons that extend beyond our classroom. Our program benefits their behavior so they succeed in school, at home, and in extracurricular activities.