Ann-Marie Pham-Vera is a Nutrition Specialist based in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a two Bachelors of Science degrees (Nutrition and Human Biology) from California State University Northridge. In addition, Ann-Marie plans to pursue a PhD in Nutritional Biology to ensure she is equipped with current and relevant nutrition knowledge to share with her clients and community.

Ann-Marie completed an extensive Medical Nutrition Therapy Dietetic Internship in 2016, in which she trained in various medical facilities and hospitals. These include Community Nutrition at Women, Infant, and Children (WIC), Food Service Management at Simi Valley Hospital, Clinical Inpatient at Burbank Hospital, Outpatient Nutrition Counseling at Kaiser Permanente, and a special focus in Renal Nutrition at DaVita Dialysis.

Growing up in a developing country where nutrition knowledge was absent and nutrition education was undervalued, Ann-Marie made it a priority to understand the importance of proper nutrition in relation to overall health. Ann-Marie’s goal is to provide the upmost care to her clients and community in order to increase their quality of life through nutrition.  

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·   Initial One-on-One Nutrition Consultation and Assessment (1-hour)

o   Medical history (family history, lab values, previous/current conditions)

o   Dietary history (24-hour, 3-day consecutive, food frequency)

o   Determine nutritional needs

o   Development personal nutrition goals

o   Personalized nutrition plan 

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·   Follow-up Appointment (45-mins to 1-hour)

o   Monitor progress

o   Adjust and develop new goals

o   Food and recipe ideas

o   Shopping suggestions based on personal goals and needs

·   Nutrition Education Services

o   Grocery Store Tours (1-hour)

  • Nutrition Label reading
  • Meal planning
  • Healthy choices on a budget


o   In-Home Services (1 to 2-hours)

  • Dietary assessment and suggestions
  • Pantry/Refrigerator makeover
  • Cooking demonstration
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·   Specialties

o   Weight management

o   Weight loss and gain

o   Personalized meal plans based on needs

o   Diabetic diet

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