Yellow Belt Requirements

All members must be prepared to demonstrate full understanding of the techniques listed below, and possess the capability to fully execute movements under stress. Members must also be able to demonstrate a full understanding of related Krav Maga principles.  

PREREQUISITES TO YELLOW BELT TEST: Minimum of four months training and 40 classes completed.


Stances and Positions
Neutral stance
Fighting stance
De-escalation fighting stance
Movement in all directions
Pivot step
Shadow boxing basics
Short Range Combatives
Elbows (seven positions)
Knees without grabbing attacker
Knees with A-frame control over attacker; movement; extend head
Mid Range Combatives
Straight punches – jab; cross
Low straight punch
Advancing and retreating straight punches
Palm heel strike
Hammer fist strike – forward; downward
Hammer fist to the side and turning-in to attacker
Finger strike to eyes
Throat strike
Long Range Combatives
Rising front kick to groin
Round kick
Offensive front kick with ball of foot
Combative Combinations
Straight punch combination – L/R
Front kick to groin + straight punch (or hammer fist)
Defense against Hand Strikes
Inside defense against straight punch
Inside defense against low straight punch
360 outside defense against wide attacks (positions 1-7)
Inside and 360 defenses against mixed hand attacks
Defense against Chokes
Choke from front with 2-hand pluck
Choke from front with 1-hand pluck
Choke from behind with 2-hand pluck
Choke from side with 1-hand pluck
Choke from front being pushed
Choke from behind being pushed
Defense against other Grabs
Wrist release: 1-hand held by same side hand
Wrist release: 1-hand held by opposite side hand
Wrist release: both hands held high by 2-hands
Wrist release: both hands held low by 2-hands
Wrist release: 1-hand held by 2-hands
Wrist release: both hands held behind back by 2-hands
Arm pulls


Stances and Positions
Fighting stance - back position
Fighting stance - side position
Fighting stance - back position movement
Fighting stance - side position movement
Getting up from the ground
Short Range Combatives
Mount position, top – various strikes (ground-N-pound to pad)
Long Range Combatives
Back position - front kick
Back position - round kick
Back position - axe kick
Side position - side kick
Side position - round kick
Kick with bottom leg while getting up


Basic sprawl to defend takedown (movement only, no partner drills)